Complete x-ray diagnosis of teeth and jaws

X-ray Diagnostic Imaging

Dental office Males dent offers complete x-ray diagnosis of teeth and jaws.

By means of Orthopan digital, which dental office Males dent possesses, we can perform ORAL MEASUREMENT AND IMAGING.


Orthopantomogtaphy is highly used by dentists in diagnosis purpose, which used to be avoided due to high level of radiation.
Thanks to technological development and modern equipment used for imaging radiation is minimal, or better to say 50% less than in standard X-ray device.

The IMAGE can be:

  • Panoramic radiograph
  • Partial jaw image frontal (upper, lower either separate or together), left side (upper, lower either separate or together), right side (upper, lower either separate or together)
  • Sinuses picture
  • Jaw joint
  • Picture of toothless jaws

Orthopan digital in dental office Males dent is especially suitable for imaging in children due to minimal radiation.
Orthopan digital is convenient for the disabled people in wheelchairs thanks to mobile sensor constructed so as to have huge span of vertical movement.

The images are ready after just a few minutes and patients do not need prior appointment.

Besides orthopan digital, we also use an x-ray device for imaging single tooth. Such an image is called retro alveolar or retro coronal depending on the part of the tooth and jaw pictured.

This image is usually called ‘THE LITTLE IMAGE’ among the patients.

MEASUREMENT by means of Ortopan x-ray device

Besides imaging with the aid of the software we can also:

  • Measure the density of the jaw bone
  • Measure the length of the root canal
  • All other measurement necessary for making a therapy plan and especially when it comes to building implants.

Dental office Males dent has highly qualified team specially trained for working with x-ray devices and possesses the license issued by foreign Agency for the protection from ionizing radiation and nuclear safety in Serbia.

Every year officials from the ‘Institute for medical practice in Serbia Dr Dragomir Karajovic’ check the devices and issue a report on the examination according to the standard IEC 61223-2-11.

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