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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism in Nis will allow you to enjoy the tourist attractions, partying and having fun while we are creating a healthy and beautiful smile for you.

Dental tourism is the newest thing

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a good way to solve your dental problems at very affordable prices. Visit to Nis will allow you to enjoy the tourist attractions, party and have fun, while we are also creating a healthy and beautiful smile for you.

Nis has a lot to offer

Why is Niš an attractive destination?

Low cost companies that traffic to Nis from many European cities allow arrival at a very reasonable prices. Wizz Air and Rian Air have return flights to Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Memmingen), Switzerland (Basel), Sweden (Malmo), Slovakia (Bratislava), Italy (Milan) and the Netherlands (Eindhoven) from the airport “Konstantin Veliki”.

Niš has an ideal position because the airports located in Belgrade, Sofia and Skopje are very close. We organize transportation for you from the airport to the hotel and back.

Niš is ideal for visiting the historic sites, relaxation, leisure, and nightlife.

Dental Tourism

See the world and meet new people, while making your smile brighter!


How dental tourism works?

Consulting and arranging treatment is free.

It is essential that you send us a recording of a patient with digital panoramic radiographs and patient data (sex, age, systemic disease) via email. After a detailed analysis, we will send you a proposal of treatment options and your therapy. In the email you will get the whole procedure explained in details, which interventions are required, duration of intervention, how many visits it takes and what is the duration and approximate cost of the entire treatment.

For foreign nationals who have health insurance that covers dental services, we issue invoices of completed dental services and help you get your money back from the insurance.

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