Strahinja Dimitirijevic

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry in Nis in 2014. After the studies, I finished my 12 months of internship in a public health center in Nis…

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Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry in Nis in 2014. After the studies, he interned at the Public health center in Nis. This practice enabled him to master the basics of dentistry in oral and maxillofacial surgery, radiology and pediatric dentistry, as well as advanced techniques in cariesology and endodontics.

Soon after, he started working in the Males Dent dental office. This helped him acquire knowledge in modern methods of endodontics and improve his relationship with patients, particularly children. Currently, he is working towards his specialist degree in orthodontics.

What he loves about working in dentistry is seeing happy smiles on his patients’ faces after their treatments. The most rewarding thing in his job is the ability to help people of all ages feel more confident and to live a healthier life because of the care he has given them. He loves getting to know his patients and feels that knowing his patients on a personal level helps him provide the best treatments to meet their unique needs.

The team is friendly, supportive, and will always do their best to take care of their patients. Srahinja is here to help you and is more than willing to answer your questions. The team treats people with the same respect and care as they would their own family and friends. He is there to help explain payment plans or treatments his patients have received or are supposed to receive, and he can also help them schedule their next appointment.

In his free time, he enjoys cooking and spending time with his family and friends. As an avid moviegoer, he loves talking to patients about the newest releases.

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